Sarah Drew -- Defining Moments

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Sarah Drew

As April Kepner on 'Grey's Anatomy,' actress Sarah Drew does her best to keep up with all of the interoffice romance and scandal that keeps Seattle Grace Hospital in business. When we asked her about her defining moment in pop culture, Drew stayed current by going retro, picking the smash series 'Mad Men,' which shines a light on the interoffice romance and scandals of the 1960s.

I was just blown away by the way the women [of 'Mad Men'] were treated on the show and the way they expected to be treated.

"I was just blown away by the way the women were treated on the show ... the way they expected to be treated. They would be completely demeaned and there wasn't even a shadow of 'I'm offended' in their faces. It affected me powerfully because I've taken it for granted. Its been so easy for me to be in the workforce that I've never spent that much time thinking about the generations of women before who paved the way for us to have it so much easier so that was a big moment for me."

"I can't imagine watching it in this day and age and not having a very visceral reaction to it. I crew members that I work with on 'Grey's Anatomy' talk about how they remember that time. How they remember their mothers being at home and going through those same things. And so for them it's very nostalgic. And for me it's just shocking."

The former star of 'Everwood' joined 'Grey's Anatomy' one year ago.

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