Jonathan ChebanJonathan Cheban, the man everybody loves to hate on E!'s reality show 'The Spin Crowd,' knows that any press is good press. He made headlines earlier this week after he was photographed with 19-year-old Ashley Holmes of 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey.' However, Cheban is shooting down rumors that the pair are dating.

"We're good friends. I'm friends with the family," Cheban tells PopEater. "She's a cool girl."

As Kim Kardashian's BFF and the founder of Command PR, Cheban is in for more drama with Sunday's 'Spin Crowd' finale. Simon Huck, who has worked at the company since 2005, has an emotional breakdown after Cheban ignores his requests to become a partner of the L.A.-based firm. Although the drama was filmed months ago, the tension might not all be water under the bridge, Cheban reveals.

sat down with Cheban to get the real scoop on the duo's blow-out, why he pressured his female employee to get lip injections and the future of 'The Spin Crowd.' Watch: