A love story gone awry is making headlines across the pond, and involves Paul Giamatti's co-star in 'Barney's Version,' Rosamund Pike.

The U.K.'s Daily Mail claims that Pike ('Die Another Day,' 'An Education') -- whose wedding to director Joe Wright was abruptly called off in 2008 -- was completely taken by suprise when she learned recently that Wright and acclaimed sitar musician Anoushka Shankar quietly married last month.

Shankar, 29 (half-sister of Grammy winner Norah Jones, and daughter of sitar superstar Ravi Shankar) is reportedly pregnant, and due in the spring.

"'Ros was devastated when she found out as she hadn't been told," an insider tells the British news outlet. "It was quite different to the big wedding she had planned with Joe."

Wright, 37, became engaged to Pike, 31, after directing her in the role of Kiera Knightley's sister in 'Pride & Prejudice,' but he allegedly called off the nuptials when he learned that his bride-to-be had mailed out cheeky invitations depicting the pair in a hot tub, without getting his okay first.