Jenny McCarthy's Jim Carrey Breakup Came While Writing 'Love, Lust and Faking It'In Jenny McCarthy's brazenly outrageous and brutally honest new book, 'Love, Lust and Faking It: The Naked Truth About Sex, Lies and True Romance,' the TV personality and New York Times bestselling author bares all about her failed romances, love of vibrators and boob jobs. But the book isn't just for laughs -- it also offers up some serious advice on relationships and achieving happiness.

What made you decide to write a book about love and sex?
Well, the honest truth is, I need to feed my baby. This is my seventh book and I never quite captured love and romance. I did not plan on going through a breakup while writing the book, it just so happened to be that way. I feel like everything happens for the best reasons. It was to kind of get me to push out some lessons I've learned and maybe inspire some people to either learn to stay in their relationships or learn when to get the heck out.

So you were right in the middle of it when you broke up?