Aaron Sorkin Responds to 'Misogyny' Claims Over 'SN' ScriptAfter award-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin was basking in the back-to-back box-office success of 'The Social Network,' nay-sayers swooped in to rain on his parade, calling the movie misogynistic. With critics on the web arguing the movie portrays women unfairly, Sorkin had enough and addressed a specific commenter named Tarazza on Ken Levine's blog.

"With the exception of 1 or 2 of them (Rashida Jones included), [the women] were basically sex objects/stupid groupies," Tarazza wrote. "[It] kinda makes me think that Aaron Sorkin (though I love his writing) failed the women in this script."

Three days later, Sorkin responded via blog to Tarazza's claims in a candid, essay-like manner to put the misogyny talk to bed. Sorkin starts off by arguing in-depth that the so-called misogyny is directly related to Mark Zuckerberg's perception.