Just a few months after an attempted break-in at her residence, Paris Hilton dealt with another scary situation at her home. Early Tuesday evening, police detained a man at Hilton's house who had managed to sneak past the security guard gate and knock on her front door, TMZ is reporting.

Hilton's private security sprung into action immediately and apprehended the man, who was on a bike. After putting up a fight, security was able to physically restrain the intruder until LAPD officers arrived and took him into custody. The suspect has been identified as James Rainford. He's been booked on battery charges with his bail is set at $20,000.

The incident happened less than two months after another intruder was found on her property. In late August, the reality star woke up to find a knife-wielding man attempting to enter her home in Los Angeles. Her boyfriend, Cy Waits, confronted the intruder before police arrived and made the arrest.