Melissa Etheridge's Ex-Wife Claims She's Too Broke to Feed Their KidsMelissa Etheridge's ex-wife Tammy Lynn Michaels has exhibited a long, bitter streak since the couple ended their nine-year relationship in April. Over the weekend, Tammy's blog featured a post titled "Just a Cornucopia of Thoughts," railing against her famous ex.

"Her lawyer lies about / me using the kids as pawns," Tammy, 35, writes in a long poem ruminating over the personal and monetary difficulties Etheridge, 49, is reportedly putting her through.

Most notable is the claim Etheridge hasn't supported her ex and their almost-4-year-old twins with enough money to eat -- "when i went to get cash / just last week / for the three of us to eat / nothing," Michaels wrote, later saying, "I might never trust another soul again."