Tracy Morgan: Live Episode Will Be 'Dirty Rock'As Tracy Jordan on NBC's '30 Rock,' Tracy Morgan plays a caricature of himself. Both are hilarious and outlandish, and the line between Morgan and Jordan is beyond blurred.

Excitement is looming as the cast of '30 Rock' prepares to do the unthinkable -- airing two LIVE episodes (one for each coast) on Thursday, October 14.

When PopEater asked Jane Krakowski about the upcoming live episodes, she gave us an earful! But most importantly, she laughed about her outrageous co-star, saying, "All I have to say to tease you to tune in is: Tracy Morgan. Live show."

"They messed up, they shouldn't have took us live. This is 'Dirty Rock'!" laughed Morgan when asked about his return to live television.

Watch the video to see what Morgan has planned for Thursday's live episodes of '30 Rock' after the jump!