Conan Shows Off His Bad Ass Side in Explosive New PromoConan O'Brien is gearing up for the TBS debut of 'Conan' on Nov. 8 by showing off a little more grit and some axle grease in his new promo video. Now that he's got Andy Richter on board and with less than a month until his marriage with TBS begins, Conan has released a hilarious video that finds the comedian beating up a stunt double and launching a muscle car filled with explosives and popcorn seeds off a cliff.

While the bearded Conan looks hilariously insane, there's much more to come. According to this week's New York Magazine, Conan is on schedule to launch a whopping 37 different promos during the MLB playoffs without repeating an ad once. Batter up! Watch Conan's hilarious new promo after the jump!