Pop-Ed: Much has been made of the details behind Courteney Cox and David Arquette's separation this week, especially after his rambling call to Tuesday's Howard Stern Show. But let's not forget to focus on the couple's 6-year-old daughter, Coco.

Arquette revealed that he broke the news to Coco gently: "We went to a beach and had a picnic," Arquette told Stern in the now-infamous interview. "[I] explained to her that we're grownups, and a lot of the time when grownups are growing up, they need to figure out their lives," adding that, "Sometimes that takes each other having a little space."

All too often, children of divorce are left feeling alone, insecure and vulnerable to self-esteem issues. It is paramount for Courteney and David to continue to be extremely sensitive to her every move during this rocky time.

It's difficult enough to be a child growing up in a fractured household. In my family law practice, I see young children day after day having problems in school, difficulty focusing and not adjusting well in tense situations. Children often have a problem assimilating with their peers and often rebel as they mature. When you add the media attention that a celebrity couple attracts, the children of Hollywood always become affected in some capacity. Negative talk surrounding a split will blanket magazine covers and TV shows and could be devastating.