Rob ShuterCan't get enough of Rob Shuter's column 'Naughty But Nice' on PopEater? Well, get ready because HDNet has just announced the highly-anticipated debut of 'Naughty But Nice with Rob,' a new series hosted by one of the most widely-read gossip columnists on the web. Usually, he's the one asking the questions, but we're going to turn the tables this one time and find out about his days as a publicist to the stars (Diddy, J.Lo, Jessica Simpson) and what to expect from the show.

Let's hear about 'Naughty But Nice with Rob.'
It's going to be the best cocktail party you have ever been to. Great gossip, dish and scoop. Lots of celebrity guests stopping by for a chat and a Cosmo and, most of all, lots of naughty but nice fun. No mean girls or guys allowed!

Who was the nicest celebrity you've ever met?
I worked with Jessica Simpson during her breakup from Nick and she is just wonderful. Kind and generous, she would always be the first to reach for her purse when the bill came, and beautiful no matter what she weighed.