BC Jean

If there's one subject BC Jean knows how to write well about, it's boys. The singer-songwriter is the mind behind 'If I Were a Boy,' which was made famous by Beyonce's 2008 recording. Jean's own current single, the catchy pop-rock track 'Just a Guy,' fits right in with that tune. "Basically, I pick the wrong kind of guys," she said in between songs when she recently performed at PopEater's office.

"I wrote 'If I Were a Boy,' and that's the sad, kind of angry, bitter part. 'Just a Guy' is more of the acceptance, like, 'You know, I can't really change this. You're just gonna be you.' It's kinda giving the guy a little break," Jean told PopEater, laughing. "It's a nice poppy song that I think has a catchy melody," Jean added of the single before playing 'Narcissistic Boy' and 'Anyone.' "More of my stuff gets a little edgy, so it's a good starting point."