Longtime 'Dancing With the Stars' fan Howard Stern has had enough with the dancers getting too big for their britches. And this week, Maksim Chmerkovskiy took it one step too far for the radio host.

On his Sirius/XM radio show Wednesday, Stern took Maks to task for his treatment of partner Brandy during video shot in rehearsals.

"The first season these dance instructors were normal people. They're not exactly living the high life. They put them on TV and they develop personalities," said Stern. "They all have become full of themselves. And Maksim is very taken with himself. He doesn't like to be criticized. The whole show is being criticized and he doesn't like it."

"Well, he is dancing with Brandy ... This guy is yelling at her, giving her the business about how she has to work harder," Stern continued. "She's being a good sport about it, pretending like this actually matters if they're dancing the f***ing samba correctly. All of the sudden, while he's training her he starts smacking her on the ass."

"This guy is training a woman, a black woman," said Stern. "You know when a man walks by a woman and makes a sound like she's a fine horse? He's smacking her on the ass like she's his personal property, like back in the slave days. I was astounded they were showing this on TV."