Russell Brand Says Katy Perry Wedding Date Is a 'Massive Secret'Russell Brand, the erudite comedian turned Hollywood commodity who stars in three feature films in the next year, is trying to enjoy his love life and celebrate his second memoir, 'Booky Wook 2: This Time It's Personal.'

Brand, 35, spoke to PopEater about 'Arthur' co-star Helen Mirren, his true love with pop princess Katy Perry, and intentionally obscure literary references.

Loved the book, it's very wordy.
Thank you. I know about 100 words.

You know you're a bit bright.
When I was at school they said I was a dimwit and I never would amount to nothing much. Turns out they were wrong. [To someone else] Careful no shoes on the bed! Sorry, someone was going to put their shoes on the bed and an old superstition kicked in.