Before she revs up her inevitable run for the White House, former governor Sarah Palin is taking TLC viewers on an adventurous trip around her home state in 'Sarah Palin's Alaska.' The first preview clip from the show has hit the airwaves (via Zap2it) and it's a thoroughly Palin-ized affair, complete with aw-shucks phrases like "This is flippin' fun!" and shots of the Tea Partygirl in gym shorts telling her kids to do as their told

In the first episode, airing Nov. 14, Palin and hubby Todd will climb a mountain in Denali National Park and show viewers the one thing that's most important to the Wasilla Wonder: "Family comes first, it's just gotta be that way." At the end of the clip, Palin says she prefers Alaska livin' to "some stuffy old political office," adding, "I'd rather be out her bein' free." Watch: