Last week, Angelina Jolie's directorial debut was barred from shooting in Bosnia after a victims group for women accused the project of providing a "misleading history" of the Bosnian War. Additionally, paperwork permit errors were cited in revoking Jolie's permission to film. But after a government minister gave the script another look, the Bosnian government changed it's mind, Reuters reports.

"I can now start preparations for the shooting, which I had to stop last week," Edin Sarkic an executive involved in the movie said. "It's a big thing for Bosnia that such a mega, mega star is coming to Sarajevo."

An anonymous government minister approved Jolie's project after double-checking her script and shooting locations after the permit was canceled on Oct. 15.

The Oscar-winning actress is currently shooting the untitled film in Budapest but is scheduled to move production to Bosnia in a month. Officially, the film has been described as a love story between a Serbian man and a Bosnian woman who meet on the eve of the Bosnian War.