David Archuleta

When David Archuleta went up against David Cook in the seventh season of 'American Idol,' millions of fans -- and even Cook himself -- thought the then 16-year-old was a shoo-in for the crown. But even though the Florida-born, Utah-raised singer took second place, his growing fan base and a record deal with Jive made sure Archuleta wouldn't leave the limelight anytime soon.

One debut record and a Christmas album later, Archuleta is now ready to show the world what else is up his sleeve. A day before his latest record, 'The Other Side of Down,' was released, Archuleta made a trip to New York to promote the new material and graciously invited PopEater to tag along.

As he strolled into Jive studios around noon, he instantly changed the vibe of the room. Dressed casually in dark denim, a gray T-shirt, a royal blue sweater and a pair of broken-in shoes, Archuleta's smile beamed. He greeted everyone with a handshake and a glimpse of his pearly whites, making it clear that he's the same sweet boy that fans fell in love with in 2008.