Mad MenSPOILER ALERT. Were we all surprised that Don Draper finally made the leap to have a permanent female form in his life in the 'Mad Men' season finale last night? Dating, after all, takes so much more effort than being able to come home after a few scotches and fall into bed with a warm and willing body. It was time for Don to settle down. Bachelor life made his hangovers so much worse.

The real surprise was Don's choice of lady life partner. For sure, we thought Dr. Faye Miller was the lead contender in the running. She was the polar opposite of the last Mrs. Draper -- well educated, outspoken, Jewish, yet still bottle blonde and vulnerable. But no. Megan, the big-toothed beauty, the secretary who wants so much more in life, the woman Roger refers to as "Megan, out there?", the surprise mama hen led a calculated campaign into Don's heart and home.

"This is all so fast," Megan said to Don's early morning proposal. But was it? And was she really surprised? We think Megan knew what she was doing all along.

Megan is much much savvier than we all gave her credit for.