Baba Booey!Most people know Gary Dell'Abate by his infamous moniker, Baba Booey. The long-suffering producer of The Howard Stern Show has been mercilessly mocked for his teeth and his supposed bad breath. Yet he takes it all in good stride, even when the gang endlessly dissected a video he made to woo back an ex-girlfriend; even when they mocked his admittedly terrible first pitch at a Mets game; even when his mom called Howard's mom and asked that Howard ease up on her son.

Dell'Abate has penned a memoir called appropriately enough, 'They Call Me Baba Booey,' (available on Amazon) and it is definitely not what you'd expect. It's a movingly honest account of his chaotic and dysfunctional childhood. Dell'Abate's mother struggled with mental illness and spent time in a psychiatric ward. His older brother Steven came out when Gary was a teenager and later died of AIDS at age 34. Gary took time out from his work on the Sirius/XM show to talk to PopEater.