Elyse PorterfieldToday, instant celebrity can come as easily from the Internet as TV, film or music. Take the case of Colorado's Elyse Porterfield, better known to web heads as "Dry Erase Jenny," who earlier this summer quit her job via dry-erase board messages on the website the Chive in an act that was quickly revealed to be an elaborate hoax.

But it didn't matter that it was just a put-on. Within 24 hours, the Chive's stunt got Porterfeld on CBS News, spoofed on Jimmy Kimmel and landed her on every corner of the web. Months later, the noise has died down, and Porterfield now finds herself immersed in Hollywood as she tries to take her web celebrity and use it to make her dream of an acting career come true.

PopEater met up with Porterfield in Beverly Hills to catch up on what's been happening since the hoax. For starters, she got engaged while in Vegas for the wedding of 'The Bachelor' star Jesse Csincsak, an old friend from Colorado. She's also in the running for several TV and film gigs.