The Irony Behind Kanye West's 'Banned' Album CoverPop-Ed: There are enough story lines behind Kanye West's latest album, 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,' to fill a three-pound autobiography with Kanye's big grin on the cover. Even when we'd like a little less Kanye, everything is always about ... Kanye. Now with only a month left till the album drops on Nov. 22, the cover art is making more headlines than the leaked tracks. When Kanye broke the news Sunday that Wal-Mart would allegedly ban the album from its stores, Kanye once again made it seem like a huge deal and painted himself as a romantic warrior sticking it to the man. The sad ironic truth behind the story is not that Kanye's artwork may or may not be offensive, but rather that this story shouldn't even matter because so few people buy CDs anymore -- and that everyone saw the "banned" artwork before the album was even out.