Jane Lynch left Sue Sylvester's wardrobe of tracksuits back on the 'Glee' set and instead dons a leopard print robe while surrounded by male models for her spread in the November issue of More magazine, where she sounds off on her hit FOX show and her marriage to Lara Embry.

The Emmy-winning actress was already committed to two other series (Starz's 'Party Down' and an ABC project) when she was offered the role of Sue on 'Glee.' Believe it or not, this meant that for the first four episodes of the series, Lynch's status was temporary. "We were keeping our fingers crossed that I got to stay," she says.

At 50, Lynch also reflects on her recent marriage: "I shouldn't say this, but I'd never dated anyone that I wanted to marry. I didn't think it was going to be out there for me. But the minute we were married, I felt the difference: I felt like I am no longer alone."