Randy Quaid and Wife Evi: Third Arrest in Six MonthsFugitive actor Randy Quaid and wife Evi were arrested in Canada following Santa Barbara-issued arrest warrants after both were no-shows at a court hearing Monday. Randy, 60, and Evi, 47, were located and arrested in Vancouver, British Columbia on Wednesday afternoon, CTA.ca reports.

The dodged court hearing came as aftermath to the Quaids' September arrest for allegedly squatting in their onetime home, where they apparently weren't living quietly -- a contractor reportedly showed police "more than $5,000 in damages" he believed the Quaids caused to the guest house. The two were previously arrested in April for failing to pay a $10,000 hotel bill.

The Quaids are set to appear at a Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board hearing. They were held in a Vancouver jail until being released to border agents at 10:30AM Friday.