Sandra Lee struck gold when she introduced her concept of "semi-homemade" cooking, which combines 70 percent ready-made products with 30 percent fresh food, to create unbelievably easy and mouthwatering dishes on her Food Network show. 14 seasons of 'Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee' later, Lee is preparing for one of her most epic episodes yet. Airing Sunday at 11:30AM, Lee will don five different Renaissance-themed Halloween costumes as she conquers the kitchen in character.

"It is hilarious. It's good TV. You'll never know you're watching Food Network," Lee tells PopEater of her Halloween episode.

Sandra also revels what it was like cooking in costume and compiling 1,001 recipes for her new cookbook, and she even shared a recipe for her Halloween cocktail! Read the interview (and get the recipe!) after the jump.