Timing is everything. And nowhere is that more true than in Hollywood -- especially when it comes to celebrity love and the end of celebrity love. We've seen it happen over and over again. Stars "quietly" tie the knot or separate, but the news is kept secret, sometimes for longer than many celebrity marriages last. Take TV siblings David Schwimmer and Courteney Cox, who played Ross and Monica Geller on 'Friends.' The former got married to his longtime girlfriend, photographer Zoe Buckman, in June. The latter separated from her husband of 11 years, David Arquette, also in June. Neither made the announcement until months after the fact, releasing their news on the same day.

Which leaves us guessing why. Were they trying to avoid the crush of media attention until we didn't care as much? Waiting to see if the marriage and breakup stuck? Promoting a new movie, show or album? Distracting us from something else?