Lisa EdelsteinAlthough she's part of FOX's mega-hit 'House,' Lisa Edelstein doesn't have a big head when it comes to work. She doesn't even get caught up in the story lines or the spotlight, but she will put up the tab for lunch for her loyal set crew. Edelstein, who plays Dr. Cuddy, is going to have some serious mommy issues come January when 'Murphy Brown' icon Candice Bergen rolls on set as her mother. The ringlet beauty spoke to PopEater about Hugh Laurie's accent, Lifetime movies and the excitement of working with a TV legend.

What's up for this season?
So far there are the usual House-ian medical mysteries with a bit of relationship stuff thrown in to spice things up. There has been a lot of foreplay, more foreplay than high school.

Candice Bergen will be playing your mother.
It's been great. I really like her a lot. She's hilarious, she's brilliant, I couldn't have asked for a better mother.

Did you grow up watching 'Murphy Brown'?
Um I did, but I've never really been a big sitcom watcher. She was a huge star when I moved to L.A. Her show was the top show. She's not just funny, you can feel her intelligence and that's what makes her so spectacular to watch. She always adds something more than you'd expect.