Ben NemtinMonday night's edition of MTV's 'The Buried Life' is going to set many 'Twilight' fans' hearts fluttering, as the 'Life' guys take on a dare from their fans to steal a lock of Robert Pattinson's hair. "We weren't too thrilled about the whole thing," 'Buried Life' ringleader Ben Nemtin tells PopEater. "People will have to stick around to see what we do with the hair," he adds.

With such jaw-dropping accomplishments as playing basketball with Barack Obama and asking Taylor Swift on a date, the 'Buried Life' guys have a full-fledged phenomenon on their hands with the show. It was only in 2006 when Ben, Dave Lingwood and Jonnie and Duncan Penn set off from their native Canada in their purple bus, armed with not much more than 100-item bucket lists of things they wanted to do before they die. For each item they check off, they also perform a good deed by helping someone else accomplish something they want to do.

Monday's show has them traveling to Rochester, Minnesota, to "help a girl who has struggled with depression," reports Ben.