Kim Kardashian's birthday party at TAO
Jo PiazzaTurning 30 really paid off for Kim Kardashian. The reality starlet's birthday raked in more than a finance scion's bar mitzvah.

According to event experts, the birthday week probably netted the Kardashian clan around half a million dollars in paid appearances and endorsements, not to mention priceless publicity opportunities that will doubtlessly translate into more sales for various other Kardashian business pursuits.

Kim was a nightclub regular this week, having parties at Tao and the Venetian in Las Vegas and Glo in New York City. But the rub is that Kim isn't a nightclub kind of girl. In fact, she only makes those kinds of appearances, even on special occasions, when she is being paid quite well to grace an event with her presence.

"The appearances are good moneymakers," she once told Cosmopolitan magazine. "And they're also a great way for me to connect with people in places like Oklahoma, where I never would go otherwise. Those girls going to the clubs will be buying my perfume."