A Chat With the Dude Who Shakespearified 'The Big Lebowski,' Adam BertocciA magical thing happened on the Internet in January; 'The Big Lebowski' met Shakespeare and they had a beautiful baby.

It was actually a blind date facilitated by writer Adam Bertocci that got The Dude and The Bard together, resulting in 'Two Gentlemen of Lebowski: A Most Excellent Comedie and Tragical Romance,' available in book form today.

While the pairing seems odd, Bertocci maintains it was a natural fit for him. "This is my contention: If 'The Big Lebowski' had premiered in 1598, Shakespeare would have ripped it off by 1603," Bertocci writes in the book's afterword. "In Shakespeare's simpler, happier, plague-ridden times, plots and ideas were freely shared and adapted and reworked. Shakespeare thrived in an entertainment industry obsessed with remakes, adaptations, and mashups -- just like Hollywood today. No wonder they say his stories are timeless."

It doesn't hurt, Bertocci adds, that Shakespeare "loved a good d*** joke."

Here, first-time author Adam Bertocci e-mails with PopEater about adapting the Coen Brothers' F-bomb-laden script and deciphering Shakespeare's place in pop culture.