What's the Difference Between Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan?Pop-Ed: There's a problem with the way we accept Charlie Sheen and condemn Lindsay Lohan.

The actor was found naked and drunk in his Plaza Hotel room early Tuesday morning. After trashing his lavish room and accusing his call girl of theft, police removed the, "emotionally disturbed" actor before he was taken to the hospital.

Sheen was in town with ex-wife Denise Richards and their two daughters for a few days of family fun. After daughters Sam and Lola partied with Eloise at the Plaza, Sheen sought out some grown-up entertainment of his own.

His reps are claiming he had an, "adverse reaction to medication." Riiight. Give it a few days, and Sheen will admit he's still struggling with substance abuse and going to, "seek treatment." He'll thank the public for their prayers and continued support.

And we will continue to support him. We'll tune in Tuesday nights to see Sheen reprise has role as an endearing, heavy-drinking, hooker-loving playboy on, "Two and a Half Men." After he's done raking in 1.8 million an episode for that family-friendly series, Hollywood producers will hire him for another sitcom or maybe even as a leading man on the big screen.