Sesame Street'Sesame Street,' the beloved 41-years-young children's television series, has grabbed its fair share of headlines in the last few months. From its 'True Blood' parody to the controversy surrounding Katy Perry's low-cut costume in a widely-seen (but never aired) skit with Elmo, 'Sesame Street' has rarely felt more contemporary.

So it's not exactly surprising that the show presently finds itself at the center of the very-modern debate about gay rights. And it all started with a tweet from a Muppet that has taken on a life of its own.

Interestingly, the mini-uproar comes at the same time that FOX News, a network known for its sometimes less-than-tolerant stance on gay-rights issues, has launched a campaign to see funding for public broadcasting cut entirely. Is there perhaps a connection between 'Sesame Street's' new, seemingly-progressive attitude and FOX's latest cause célèbre?