Craig Robinson interviewIn the last few years of comedy, Craig Robinson has stolen more scenes, movies, and TV episodes than we care to count. Since his brilliant cameo in 'Knocked Up,' the 39-year-old Chicago native has carved a reputation reaching far beyond "that Darryl guy from the Dunder-Mifflin warehouse."

Still a regular on 'The Office' -- in more scenes than ever after notching his own office alongside the rest of the dysfunctional crew -- Robinson starred in this year's 'Hot Tub Time Machine' and voiced a character for 'Shrek Forever After.'

Here, Craig Robinson chats with PopEater about whether or not NBC would let him get away with Charlie Sheen-style shenanigans, his thoughts on Steve Carell's final season as Michael Scott, and an entirely understandable fixation with 'Breaking Bad.'

Hey Craig, how's it going?
I'm good, I'm drivin' into the office.

The office?

The office!

Excellent. Hey, how do you think 'The Office' team would react if you went crazy like Charlie Sheen did this week? So far the 'Two and a Half Men' people haven't flinched.
Oh, you know, I've been through my share of trials and tribulations and nah, 'The Office' didn't flinch, either. It's about the talent and what you bring to the show. They've been great all along, every step of the way.