It's not often the editor-in-chief of a magazine sends out a email to subscribers apologizing for content--yet that's exactly what Valerie Latona, editor of Shape Magazine, did this week. TooFab reports that enough people complained about LeAnn Rimes gracing the cover of their October issue, that Latona felt she had to address the situation.

"You are all in good company... as you all agree Shape has made a terrible mistake in putting LeAnn Rimes on the cover," the editor began.

Reportedly, readers were appalled that the publication featured Rimes who had previously admitted to cheating on then-husband Dean Sheremet with also-married Eddie Cibrian. Rimes was featured on the cover along with the headline: 'LeAnn Rimes: How Working Out Saved Me.'

"Please know that our putting her on the cover was not meant to put a husband-stealer on a pedestal-but to show (through her story) how we all are human," Latona continued. "And this woman in particular found strength in exercise in what she said was her most difficult personal moment."