We told you weeks ago that Snooki costumes were in this Halloween. But Ellen DeGeneres took it one step further.

DeGeneres dressed as Snooki's famous pouf in a Halloween episode of "Ellen" airing Oct. 29, her show tells us.

While the "Jersey Shore" star is set to be one of the holiday's most ubiquitous costumes, DeGeneres is taking it to the next level by wearing a knee-length black hairpiece (complete with handy cutouts for the face and arms), from which a spray-tanned Snooki Cabbage Patch doll dangles.

Top that, meat dress.

"That's Snooki down there," the talk show host says.

"I'm the pouf. She's the actual size. She is that short."

"I met her in person. I was almost late for the show because I didn't take in account how long it takes to gym, tan, and laundry, everybody."