After last year's cohesive 'Star Wars'-themed Halloween show on 'Today,' the cast of the venerable morning show went hodge-podge this time around, with Meredith Vieira as Lady Gaga, Al Roker as 'Superman,' Ann Curry as Amelia Earhart and Natalie Morales as Justin Bieber. MIA is one Matt Lauer, who last year stole the show as a bumbling Luke Skywalker (he had some trouble getting out of the ol' X-Wing). Where in the world was the normally show-stealing Lauer? Vieira announced early on that her co-host was busy interviewing former President George W. Bush and sadly, couldn't make it.

Another President, the current one, did show up in the form of MSNBC host Tamron Hall.

Also stopping by to join in on the fun: Will Ferrell and Tina Fey in their outfits for the film, 'Megamind.' Manning the news desk in case the world blows up was Lester Holt, wearing a dark gray suite, but not in a 'Mad Men' sort of way. Watch: