Spooky, Sexy, or Snooki: A Guide to Reality Star Halloween Costumes
Ah, Halloween. The air is crisp, the candy's plentiful, and for one day of the year, kitten ears are considered an appropriate work accessory. Distinguishing yourself from the herds of witches, zombies, and sexy animals can prove difficult if you're not careful, but never fear. From teen moms to table flippers, reality TV has provided the world a plethora of easy and distinctive costumes that will keep you a head (or Snooki poof) above the rest.

Reality Role Model: Heidi Montag

Essential Accessories: Blond wig, water balloons, lots of tape

Difficulty Factor: 7.

Over-the-top is the name of the game for this costume, but don't be fooled into thinking this work of art/science is an easy look to pull off. Need we remind you that this woman had a procedure called a "back scoop"?