"Hideous!" exclaimed Kevin Manno, co-host of MTV's 'The Seven,' greeting two recent guests who stopped by the show on Friday donning very recognizable costumes.

The man's got a point!

Vinny Guadagnino, dressed as his 'Jersey Shore' roommate Snooki, and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, dressed as DJ Pauly D, were a frightful sight masquerading as caricatures of reality stars who are, let's face it, over-the-top caricatures in their own right.

The two infiltrated the studio audience of the news show's Halloween episode, then took the stage to talk up season 3 of their hit series. Co-host Julie Alexander was wearing her own interpretation of a 'Jersey Store' star: a pregnant Snooki!

In a tweet before the taping, Vinny told fans he was about to debut "the most epic Halloween costume ever." (Snooki herself was reportedly not consulted, and tweeted a terse "Really, boys?" in response to their truly scary impersonations.)

Check out the trick-or-treat versions of Vinny and Ronnie on 'The Seven':