Democracy 1, Viacom 0 at 'Rally to Restore Sanity'

Pop-Ed: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's 'Rally to Restore Sanity' sent a bold statement to the country, but the crowds at the National Mall in Washington D.C. were more insane than any tear-filled Glenn Beck rant.

It's hard to tell how many people showed up, but it was enough to fill the entire field and the adjacent streets -- we're talking hundreds of thousands of people from all over the country. The Comedy Central duo pulled off an event so packed it was like Woodstock in 1969, only instead of a field filled with hippies doped on LSD, the famed D.C. monument was swamped in progressives wearing goofy Halloween costumes while holding up hilariously random poster signs.

Check out some of the hilarious signs from the event after the jump!