'Daily Show' host Jon Stewart was joined by Stephen Colbert in welcoming thousands to the National Mall for today's highly anticipated 'Rally to Restore Sanity.'

The event, also billed as the 'Million Moderate March' and the 'Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear,' after Colbert chose to combine his 'March to Keep Fear Alive' with Stewart's 'Sanity' event (a logical, rational decision that was likely intended all along), is widely seen as a political statement for overwhelmed voters heading to the polls on Tuesday.

The Comedy Central stars have stoked the flames of "reasonableness" in a clear response to Fox pundit Glenn Beck's recent 'Restoring Honor' Rally.

In his opening statements, according to ABC News, Stewart called the crowd "the perfect demographic sampling of the American people," joking, "If you have too many white people at a rally, your cause is racist. If you have too many colored people at a rally, then you must be asking for something...something we as a society are not ready to give."

The day's entertainment included a 'Peace Train/Crazy Train' duet between Yusuf Islam (the folk singer who changed his name from Cat Stevens after he converted to Islam) and rocker Ozzy Osbourne.