Yesterday, Paris Hilton went Native American for her night out on the town in Los Angeles with superhero-sister Nicky Hilton.

The leggy twosome were photographed in their sexy costumes heading into the fourth annual Kandy Halloween Party inside the Playboy Mansion, accompanied by several friends, including oil industry scion Brandon Davis, who showed up dressed in a bright orange jumpsuit stamped 'Psych Ward.'

(Davis' appearance may have spooked some guests: the 31-year-old was the subject of a death hoax last month, with internet rumors spreading the false news of his demise.)

Paris was seen wearing super-sexy sailor garb recently, while shopping for Halloween accessories at a lingerie shop in Hollywood known for its racy party costumes. But this week, she retired the nautical fashions.

Just days ago, 29-year-old Paris was spotted in another, more understated Native-American-inspired design, as she cuddled her pups (both in doggie costumes) on the way into the Chateau Marmont in L.A. to meet up with little sister Nicky, 27.

No matter what troubles arise, including Paris' cocaine-related arrest in August, it's clear these Halloween-loving siblings have each other's back!