"I'm a superhero!" Heidi Klum said at her annual Halloween party, looking down from approximately eight feet of red and purple plastic armor that made up her costume.

Up close, you could see two rows of sharply-pointed false teeth, which made her costume more killer robot than caped crusader. But a superhero she was, flowing fuchsia wig and all.

And her husband, Seal, in a metallic silver muscle suit, was her sidekick. "He's the Silver Surfer," she said cheerfully.

Klum's costume, which required the skill of a stilt-walker with its two-foot-high boot extensions, was created with the help of her frequent collaborator, designer Martin Izquierdo. The theatrical specialist also assisted Miss Universe, Ximena Navarrete, with her costume -- the universe.

Klum, Seal, Navarrete and many others -- like John Legend and girlfriend Chrissy Teigen, who came as Antony and Cleopatra -- were at Lavo in New York City to attend Heidi's party, which was presented by AOL. Questlove of The Roots acted as celebrity deejay.

Kim Kardashian walked the red carpet dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. She said she was excited to be in NYC for the opening of the Manhattan branch of Dash, the clothing boutique she owns with her sisters.