Justin Long Praises Critic Who Slammed HimNot every actor in Hollywood has the ability to stomach the harsh reviews directed at them by critics, but Justin Long is not just any actor.

The 'Going the Distance' star took Movieline critic Michelle Orange's cutting review of the film - and Long personally - in stride, reciting her tirade on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' and penning a witty, good-natured response to her criticisms. Long, who is described in Orange's review as "a milky, affectless mook with half-formed features and a first day of kindergarten haircut," told Fallon that the writer's insults were "so bad that it set the bar, I think, for insults for me."

As reported by NY Mag, Long's response made it clear that he had no hard feelings toward Orange, whose writing he called "thoughtful and insightful."