Willow Smith's 'Whip My Hair': A Dance Safety PrimerYou know that you've had Willow Smith's catchy hit 'Whip My Hair' stuck in your head. You've probably even caught yourself whipping your own hair to the beat.

YouTube videos of kids mimicking Willow's moves have gone viral and swept the nation. But before we round up all the cute 9-year-olds we know and get them reenacting Willow's headbanging moves, we thought we'd check with a professional on the safety of this soon-to-be iconic dance.

Dr. Terrence B. McGhee, a neurologist, was gracious enough to tell PopEater whether whipping one's hair back and forth could actually be a health hazard.

"In general, it looks pretty safe for a young person who has trained carefully for this specific maneuver -- if it's not performed excessively," Dr. McGhee said. "Having said that, I wouldn't recommend it for the untrained, or persons over thirty-five. [That's] when we begin to see X-ray evidence of degenerative arthritis in the neck."