Wendy WilliamsHow we doin'? Ridiculously good after getting a delish behind-the-scenes look at the always-on-fire 'Wendy Williams Show.' Our tour guide: Wendy, of course! Your fave daytime talker took us backstage, where she showed off her five "active wigs" for the show and a closet packed with high heels. One item she's not feeling these days, or ever, are slacks. "All my life, I wanted to have a talk show where I can wear pencil skirts and real ladylike things. I am not really big into wearing pants, period."

One thing she is into these days is having young stars on her show. "I love young Hollywood," she tells me. "I really enjoyed Paris Hilton, Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge. So far, none of the young Hollywood kids have disappointed me." Go backstage after the jump!