Rod StewartThe incomparable Rod Stewart is back on the charts with another album, called 'Fly Me to the Moon ...The Great American Songbook: Volume V.' On it he reinterprets classics by Porter and Mancini. Oh, and his wife Penny Lancaster is pregnant and due in February. The raspy-voiced icon, 65, talked to PopEater about his shift from rock to standards, the recent hub-ub about the daughter he gave up for adoption, and how he's "closing up the office" after his eighth child is born next year.

So are we going to be getting Rod Stewart the Opera Album next?
The next album I will probably be doing is a blues album, another genre that I'm very comfortable with.

Ever think 20 years ago you'd be doing so many standards albums?
Well they've always been very much a part of my life, like everybody else. I sort of grew up with them, my parents played them, and they're sort of the background of your life. I would always sing them any chance I got and I said to my record company 20 years ago I'd like to do a standards album but they laughed at me. But I don't think I was ready to do it anyway. With the voice the way it is, it's matured. I caress the songs a lot better than I would have 20 years ago.