Bruce DernThere was a touch of irony about the celebration following the unveiling of Hollywood stars for Bruce Dern, daughter Laura Dern and ex-wife Diane Ladd this week. The trio were feted post-ceremony with a luncheon thrown by HBO, "which just canceled the show I'm on," Bruce, who plays Bill Paxton's domineering father Frank on 'Big Love,' pointed out.

Possible awkwardness aside, Dern has a couple theories as to why HBO is sun-setting the drama, telling PopEater he guesses that 'Sister Wives' -- TLC's show about real polygamists, as opposed to 'Big Love's' fictional polygamist clan, "might have cut into our space a little bit." He also feels that "last season got a little twitchy and rough with the Third Reich Movement [storyline] ... People lost interest in that."

Still, five years constitutes a good run – and the show is certainly getting a respectful season 5 sendoff. "I thought they did about the best they could do," says Bruce. He adds that since the 'Big Love' team knows the show is in its final term, "This year could be the best of the years -- the most enlightening, the most funny, not necessarily real sad or tragic."