What Went Wrong With Disney Starlet Demi Lovato?Pop-Ed: Whether she's singing, dancing or giggling about a Jonas brother, Demi Lovato always seems to have a smile on her face.

But the talented, vivacious actress checked into treatment for "emotional and physical issues" on Monday, a sobering reminder that even Disney princesses aren't always as picture perfect as they might appear.

Rumor has it, 18-year-old Demi reached her breaking point when she got into a fight with one of her dancers backstage on her 'Camp Rock 2' tour. Allegations that Demi is a "cutter" have circulated in the tabloids before, only to be quickly dismissed by her publicists. Sadly though, evidence suggests there may be some truth behind these stories of self-mutilation.

So what exactly caused this spunky, seemingly-mature young woman to unravel? Were the pressures of living up to that wholesome Disney image just too much to handle?