Adam Carolla: 'I'm Republican, But I'd Like Pot Legalized'Adam Carolla's new book, 'In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks,' is -- we mean this -- laugh-out-loud funny. The former 'Loveline' and 'The Man Show' co-host writes about plenty of hot button topics, including immigration and gay marriage, and many other less serious topics like the size of ketchup packets. His invective-filled screed is often completely politically incorrect, and always completely hilarious.

Here, he talks with PopEater about his juxtaposition of political views (birth control for all students, but no soda in schools; maybe Republican, but hoping for legalized marijuana), his takes on gay parents and racial profiling, and why he did 'Dancing With the Stars.'

You had a Dickensian childhood. It was pretty hardscrabble.
Not as bad as Mike Tyson or 50 Cent, but it wasn't good. I mean, we were poor. I wasn't being abused, but we were on welfare. That's, by the way, why I like to speak about this stuff, because people start to feel because I'm white and I'm a male [that] I'm supposed to be wracked with guilt. Everyone assumes I went to Stanford and my dad ran some successful business. It's untrue. We were poor.