Mayim Bialik -- Defining Moments

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Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik is known to a generation as the star of the 1990s sitcom 'Blossom.' The actress turned her back on Hollywood for a period of time to get PhD in neuroscience. Now she's bringing her two passions together as she stars as scientist Amy Fowler on CBS's smash sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory.' In the fifth grade, Mayim wanted the part of the showboating Rum Tum Tugger in 'Cats.' That's when she learned a huge life lesson.

It's almost too easy to want the part, get the part, do great and take a bow.

"Up until then I got every part I wanted, meaning whatever I thought 'd be good at, the teacher agreed and I scored the part," Bialik says. "This is the first part I didn't get. It was devastating. And to make matters worse, I was cast as one of the backup singers in his major feature scene. So I spent the entire school year not only not having the part that I wanted and having to watch him anytime we rehearsed."

"I wish I could say that really prepared me for the industry but there's nothing that can prepare you. If you are a sensitive kid, which I was -- and I'm a sensitive adult -- if  you are sensitive to rejection, there's nothing that can take that away," she says.

"But I think that was what was important about the experience I had when I was ten was that it showed me the full scope of the experience. It's almost too easy to want the part, get the part, do great and take a bow. I had to experience a whole other aspect of what really turned out to be the industry, and actually most of the industry is rejection until you finally hit something, which for me only took another year. But even as an adult, I still feel the pain of not getting that part."

Bialik feels lucky for the role on 'Big Bang,' but watch the video to see what she'd love for her next defining moment to be.

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