Will Ferrell climbed his way to the top from the nostalgic glory days of 'SNL' to launching Funny or Die and dominating the box-office with flicks like 'Anchorman,' but according to Forbes Magazine's simple mathematics, the actor isn't pulling the weight of his paycheck anymore. After comparing some of the highest paid actors to their overall box office revenue, Ferrell, along with other huge names like Denzel Washington and Drew Barrymore, are either way overpaid or are choosing really bad movies. Or maybe both. The funny part is that comedians dominate the list, but who else made the cut for having the most-inflated paycheck? Read On:

Will Ferrell
Funny man Ferrell costs a whopping $15 million per movie, but back in 2009, his 'Land of the Lost' only hauled in $69 million despite costing $100 million. Using clever calculation, for every $1 Ferrell made, the studio only made $3.35.